Know us


At GECER, Gestión Canaria de Energías Renovables, we are a leading company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, guiding renewable energy projects from their conception to their start-up. We focus on three key areas: asset management, technical advice and strategic consulting, offering comprehensive solutions in each phase of the project life cycle and additionally providing financial and legal advice.

Our multidisciplinary team of expert professionals addresses all the tasks necessary for the development of projects. We manage the search for suitable land, design and optimization, administrative and environmental processing, bidding and construction until commissioning. We also offer the possibility of managing the operation and maintenance of the projects as well as the commercialization of energy and guarantees of origin. Our solid presence in the Canary Islands market and in-depth knowledge of its regulations make us the reference partner for renewable energy projects in the archipelago.

GECER stands out for the sustainable integration of projects in the territory, with maximum respect for the environment and in harmony with the fauna, flora and local communities. Our specialists address fundamental aspects such as historical and cultural heritage, birds and bats, wild flora, as well as landscape integration.

Likewise, our team is in charge of compliance with the key aspects of the projects, from access and connection to the network through the evaluation of the energy resource, the Balance of Plant (BoP) and compliance with specific Operation Procedures for the Systems. Non-Peninsular Electricity (SENP).

Our work philosophy is based on guaranteeing equitable treatment for all participants in each project, which does not prevent us from being rigorous in achieving the financial and profitability objectives of our clients. Over the years, this has allowed us to form Joint Ventures for more than two decades with leading companies in the sector and establish an extensive network of relationships with the main players in the Canary Islands.

We pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of excellence, having successfully transacted over 40 MW of power and currently managing another 60 MW. Our ability to adapt to changes and trends allows us to stay ahead in a competitive and dynamic market.

As a committed and agile company, we get involved in each project in a personalized way, adapting to the needs of our clients to ensure their success and satisfaction. Together, we contribute to the decarbonization and energy independence of the Canary Islands.


As the first president, founding partner of the Asociación Eólica de Canarias and current executive director of GECER, he has been a fundamental pillar in the success of the implementation of wind energy in the Canary Islands during the last decades.

His solid foundation as an Electrical Engineer, together with his extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, have contributed significantly to the progress of renewable energies in the region, promoting the necessary regulatory reforms to optimize the integration of these energy sources in systems. island electrics.

Despite his institutional responsibilities, he has been able to carry out detailed monitoring of each stage of the projects, getting directly involved in all of them on site.